Ruben Soto is the founder of THE HISPANIC REPORTER.

He is a journalist, author, blogger, and social media expert. He is the author of “Univision – America’s Largest Spanish-Language Television Network: How It Beat ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX” which is available as an ebook and an audio book on Amazon. You can read excerpts of the history of Univision and Spanish-language television in the United States and see photos on the blog: https://univisionhistory.wordpress.com/

Soto graduated from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and has a Certificate in Television Journalism from the University of Miami. He also attended the University of Texas in Austin. He created the popular “Miami TV y Noticias” blog in 2007 where he interviewed local and national television journalists and other personalities in the Spanish-language media.

In 2004, he founded the Society of Latino/Hispanic Writers of San Antonio to inspire and motivate Hispanic writers to publish their books. He then founded the Miami Writers Association in 2007 where the group was featured twice in the Miami International Book Fair.

Ruben Soto lives in San Antonio, Texas.