There are no Hispanics in Donald Trump’s Cabinet

Donald Trump’s Cabinet is complete and it’s the first time since 1989 that a Hispanic member is not included in a President’s cabinet. 

The Cabinet is predominantly white and male, although it includes one Black American – Ben Carson; an Asian American woman – Elaine Chao and a white woman -Betsy DeVos.

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said, “He is here to serve all.” He continued, “The number one thing that I think Americans should focus on, is he hiring the best and the brightest? Is he hiring people who are committed to enacting real change, respecting taxpayers, bringing about an agenda that will create jobs, lift up wages? This administration will include diversity in gender and diversity in thinking and a diversity of ideology. So, it’s not just about, you know, skin color or ethnic heritage.” 

“It’s beyond disappointing that President-elect Trump has failed to nominate a single Latino for any of these key leadership posts in his administration,” said Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who is the first Latina elected to the Senate. 

It is ironic that the two Hispanics that were running for President are Republican – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. That Trump did not consider one single Hispanic is disappointing, since they are now the nation’s largest minority and it has taken many years for them to be respected by the white majority.

Let us hope that eventually Trump appoints Hispanics to other important positions, because otherwise it would seem that our nation will not fix the racial tensions that many are feeling right now. 

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