TBN Salsa is ministering to millions of Hispanics 

Pastor Carlos Ortiz interviews Pastor Frank Lopez
Pastor Tony Suarez and Pastor Carlos Ortiz

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez and Pastor Carlos Ortiz

As recent studies show, many Hispanics are attending non-denominational churches in greater proportions. Due to this phenomenon the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) launched TBN Salsa in 2015 to attract English-dominant Hispanics.

With studios in Miami, Florida, Costa Mesa, California and Irving, Texas it features preaching, singing, and the Latino version of the “Praise the Lord” program that has different pastors as the main hosts, but with a Latin flavor.

Perhaps the most popular of these hosts is the energetic Pastor Carlos Ortiz of Miami whose bubbly personality has won the hearts of thousands of people all over. He has over 200K followers on Instagram and has become the latest pastor to reach celebrity status.

Other pastors that are regular hosts of TBN Salsa are Pastor Sergio de la Mora of San Diego, Pastor Ruben Mendez of San Antonio, and Pastor Tony Suarez of Virginia. Pastor Guillermo Maldonado, who pastors the largest Hispanic church in the U.S. – El Rey Jesus in Miami – has also been a host along with his son, Pastor Bryan Maldonado. 

TBN Salsa has been a success and it is helping many people deal with the daily struggles of life. At the same, the viewers are understanding how having God in their life is important. 

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