Which Jenni Rivera series is more accurate – the one on Univision or the one on Telemundo?

A war has started again between Univision and Telemundo and this one deals with one of the biggest stars in the Hispanic world – Jenni Rivera.

Since Rivera’s death, both networks and including her family have tried to capitalize of her fame and have turned her into a “media goddess”.

The latest war stems from the fact that both networks have produced their own version of the singer’s life and Univision premieres their version this Sunday night. This series is based on accounts given by her ex-manager Pete Salgado. Jenni’s father told the media that this is the unauthorized version since his family has only authorized the one being produced by Telemundo which will be titled “Mariposa de Barrio”.

Univision’s series is titled “Su Nombre Era Dolores, la Jenn que Yo Conocí” and it seems to be a spectacular production. Of course, no one knows how much of either version is completely true, and I am certain most people who will watch one version will also watch the other.

When the final ratings come out, it will be either a victory for Univision or for Telemundo, or for both networks.

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