What does the future hold for Univision?

All of the chaos that is happening at Univision has many people baffled. The once-dominant Spanish language network is going through a difficult time and it doesn’t help that its longtime rival, Telemundo, has been beating them in the most recent ratings race. 

The firing of Barbara Bermudo, who was one of the network’s most recognized personalities, along with other veteran employees has brought up many questions as to what is truly going on at the network. There is uncertainty amongst the employees, and they go to work daily wondering who will be given the pink slip next.

This recent round of layoffs has prompted strong reaction from the network’s fans, and they have voiced their opinions on social media. 

An inside source said that although it is a known fact that nothing is guaranteed in the TV business, these recent cuts were unfair and harsh.

One of the programs that was canceled is the popular “Nuestra Belleza” which had been on the network for many years, and it helped launch the careers of Alejandra Espinoza and Ana Patricia Gámez.

There is speculation that the network may be sold and with Televisa’s increase in its ownership, more abrupt changes may occur. And add to that the failure of its Fusion network which has not lived up to its expectations. 

At a recent meeting this week between President-elect Trump with the network executives, it seems that the rivalry that was caused during the presidential campaign has ended. If you recall, Trump asked Jorge Ramos (Univision News Anchor) to leave during a press conference causing Ramos and Univision to retaliate against him. 

However, during the meeting Trump supposedly told the executives that he is certainly interested in issues that affect the nation’s Hispanics. 

Can Univision regain its status and the viewers it lost to Telemundo? And will they change their name to Televisa USA? We will just have to wait and see what happens.

One comment

  1. Univision lost ALL credibility by becoming the Spanish-language Propaganda outlet of the extremists that have hijacked the Democratic Party.


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