Top 10 TV Novela Actresses 2016


1. Aracely  Arambula – Arambula plays the lead role in “ La Doña” on Telemundo. With her beauty and superb acting she portrays Altagraci a powerful businesswoman who was brutally raped and this made her into a stern and evil woman who seduces men and manipulates others.  

2. Angelique Boyer – Boyer had the lead role – make that three lead roles- as she played the part of three sisters who are triplets in “Tres Veces Ana” on Univision. She portrayed each of them so well that we couldn’t tell it was one actress playing all three. This was certainly one of the best performances ever given by a novela actress.

3. Edith Gonzalez – Gonzalez starred in the novela ” Eva La Trailera” on Telemundo which tells the story of Eva Soler who has worked hard to improve her family’s status and becomes the owner of a transportation business. Gonzalez is an iconic novela actress and even though this role was totally different than previous ones, she managed to keep fans watching and maintaining the ratings high.

4. Daniela Romo –  Romo returned to the novela in grand style in 2016 with her character Angela Gomez in “El Hotel de los Secretos” on Univision. She brought life to that cold and suffering woman that at the end of the story we were surprised by all the secrets that were revealed.

5. Irene Azuela – Azuela is the star of “El Hotel de los Secretos” on Univision and she gave a stellar performance that kept viewers coming back every day. She was definitely born to play Isabel, the rich debutante whose owns the infamous hotel. 

6. Maritza Rodriguez – Rodriguez was the lead actress in Telemundo’s “Silvana sin Lana”. This beautiful blonde has a special way of capturing viewers’ attention with her acting style and that’s why we keep seeing her in more novelas.

7. Marjorie De Sousa – De Sousa is one of the newest members of the “Novela Leading Lady Club”. She is known for playing the bad woman in most of her novela roles. With her stellar performance as the evil Kendra Ferreti in “Amor Verdaderos” we knew more roles would be coming her way. In 2016 we saw her in “Sueño de Amor” on Univision.

8. Livia Brito – Brito’s novela “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse” on Univision was a success and had a grand finale in February 2016. Her portrayal of the Italian girl Fiorella was very convincing and it was one of the most memorable novelas in recent history.

9. Carolina Miranda – Miranda is one of the new faces in the world of novelas and was fortunate to be chosen to replace Blanca Soto in “Señora Acero” on Telemundo. This beauty certainly has a successful future ahead of her. 

10. Maite Perroni – Perroni had the lead role in one of the most popular novelas “Antes muerta que Lichita” on Univision that also had it finale on February 2016. Perroni is loved my many fans who have followed her career since she was in the group Rebelde. For her role in this novela she won Best Actress at the TV y Novelas Awards. 

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