Top 10 Hispanic TV Journalists 2016


  1. Jose Diaz-Balart – Balart was named the weekend anchor of the NBC Nightly News to add to his regular duties as anchor of the Noticiero Telemundo. We consider this a huge achievement since more Hispanic presence is needed at the national level of network news. Diaz-Balart also was the main anchor at Telemundo during the 2016 Presidential election.
  1. Gio Benitez– For Benitez 2016 was a pivotal year as he saw himself being the host of Nightline on Fusion as well as appearing on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and 20/20 on ABC. Perhaps the biggest event for him was his marriage to Tommy DiDario in April and ABC promoted this event heavily in social media and overall the people’s reaction was favorable. Being a double minority (Hispanic and Gay) in such a competitive field is not easy but now Benitez has opened that door for many other minorities who want to pursue this career.
  1. Arantxa Loizaga – Loizaga became Univision’s weekend anchor in 2014 and we have seen her mature into a respected journalist. Her youth and beauty allow millions of viewers to appreciate the newscast since she is polished and is credible. She is certainly the heir apparent for when the time comes that Univision introduces a new anchor team for its regular newscast.
  1. Jorge Ramos – Ramos is an icon at Univision but in 2015 he was in the news himself after Donald Trump asked him to leave during a news conference. That incident played a significant role in his dislike of Trump at it was evident during the night of the election when the votes were coming in and Donald Trump was predicted to be the winner. On the bright side, in March Ramos published his new book “Take a Stand –Lessons from Rebels” where he looks back at some of his memorable interviews with people he considers to be rebels.
  1. Maria Elena Salinas – Salinas like Jorge Ramos is an icon at Univision having co-anchored the newscast with him since 1987. And she also continues to co-host the weekly “Aqui y Ahora”. One event in2016 that Salinas may want to forget about was during her commencement speech at California State University when she was booed after mentioning Donald Trump and saying some words in Spanish. It was at that moment that she realized the division that existed in the country during that time.
  1. Maria Celeste Arraras –Arraras has been the host of Al Rojo Vivo on Telemundo since 2002. In 2012 she became the co-anchor of Noticiero Telemundo with Jose Diaz-Balart In February 2016 Arraras was a panelist for the Republican debate and  inthe summer of 2016, she celebrated her 30-year career in television. In November 2016 Arraras resigned as the co-anchor of Noticiero Telemundo to spend more time with her children


  1. Jim Avila– Avila is a veteran reporter and is a well-respected journalist. He is the Senior National Correspondent for ABC News.
  1. Cecelia Vega– Vega has been with ABC News since2011 when she began as a Los Angeles based correspondent. Currently, she is the senior national correspondent for the network and rotates with Tom Llanas as anchor of the weekend editions of ABC World News Tonight.
  1. Tom Llamas– Llamas has been with ABC News since2014 where he began as a New York-based correspondent. Occasionally, he substitutes for David Muir on ABC World News Tonight.  He was promoted as anchor of the Sunday edition of ABC World News Tonight in 2015. Llamas also covered the Presidential campaign focusing on the Republican candidates.
  1. Jackie Nespral– Nespral is in the history books as being the first Hispanic woman to anchor a national television news program. In 1991 she became the weekend co-host of NBC’s Today show with Scott Simon. Nespral has been the main anchor at the local NBC station in Miami.

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