Top 10 Hispanic News Stories 2016


  1. Death of Juan Gabriel– Juan Gabriel was the biggest Latin star around the world and his concerts were always sold out. Nobody realized that his concert in Los Angeles that it would be his last. Gabriel sold over 100 million records and he was inducted into the Billboard’s Latin Music Hall of Fame in 1996. More than 40,000 gathered in his native Ciudad Juarez for his funeral while millions of others watched in on television and through social media. Even though we have lost his physical presence, his memory will live on with his music.


  1. Pulse nightclub shooting –Perhaps the most traumatic moment for the Hispanic community in 2016 was the shooting at the Pulse club in Orlando. The majority of the dead – 49 – were of Hispanic descent sending shock waves all over the world, and it affected the LGTBQ community the most since it happened at a gay club. A total of 53 others were wounded.It was both the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest incident of violence against the gay community in United States history.


  1. Death of Fidel Castro –Castro was in power from 1959-2006 in Cuba and his regime forced millions of exiles to leave since he established a communist government. Early Cuban exiles recall seeing how many innocent people who disagreed with the new regime were murdered and how the country’s standard of living deteriorated substantially. With the announcement of his death thousands of Cuban exiles and their children born in the United States celebrated on the streets of Miami.


  1. Death of Jose Fernandez –Fernandez was the Miami Marlins’ ace pitcher and he was adored by Miami’s Cuban-American community. His story is similar many other Cubans since he fled Cuba by sea and he even dove into the ocean to save his mother when she fell overboard. Fernandez was only 24 years old when his 32-foot boat crashed into the Government Cut north jetty on September 25, 2016.
  2. Presidential elections –We had not experienced a presidential campaign like the one in 2016. Along with the front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there were two Hispanics that had high hopes of being elected (Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz). After both Rubio and Cruz dropped out, that left Trump as the sole Republican candidate. However, it was Trump’s derogatory comments towards Hispanics and women that caused uproar in the media – specially the Spanish-language media. Polls showed that the majority of Hispanics were endorsing Clinton, and it was a shocking surprise for them when the final tally showed Trump as the winner.


  1. President Obama visits Cuba – President Obama had the distinction of being the first president that visited Cuba since 1928 when Calvin Coolidge went there from Key West to Havana aboard the World War I battleship the USS Texas. Obama traveled with his wife Michelle and their two daughters.


  1. Summer Olympics in Brazil –The USA was well represented by Hispanic athletes and among the top were Laurie Hernandez who won Gold in gymnastics, Ryan Lochte who won Gold in swimming, Danell Leyva who won two Silver medals in gymnastics, and Maya Di Rado won two Gold medals, a Silver medal, and one Bronze medal in swimming. Diana Taurasi won her fourth Olympic Gold medal as the USA team defeated Spain. Jackie Galloway won Bronze in taekwondo, Nico Hernandez won Bronze for boxing, and weightlifter Sarah Robles won a Bronze medal in weight lifting.


  1. Spread of Zika virus – In the United States, talking about the Zika virus in Hispanics communities was heard from New York, to Miami, and in Los Angeles. The virus also spread heavily in Puerto Rico causing fear in pregnant women. Several cases were reported in Miami causing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue a caution.


  1. Fear amongst Hispanics after Trump elected – After the reality that Donald Trump had been elected President many Hispanics across the country were shocked and afraid of what their life would be like when he took office. Both the English-language and Spanish-language media interviewed people who were here illegally and who felt their dream of staying in the country without any repercussions had vanished quickly. The polls were showing that Hillary Clinton would be the sure winner since she had the backing of a majority of Hispanic voters. We will have to wait and see what really happens when Trump finally takes over in January.


  1. Los 15 de Rubi  – What started out as a simple invitation on YouTube and then became a joke turned into the biggest news in Hispanic circles towards the end of the year. Univision and Telemundo were there covering the event as if Rubi were a novela star. I’m certain than neither her or her hometown will forget this event as it put them on the map of the world.


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