Top 10 Hispanic Hollywood Actors/Actresses 2016


  1. Sofia Vergara – Vergara has the distinction of being the highest-paid TV actress in 2016 with reported earnings of $43 million. That is impressive for a Colombian beauty who began her career at Univision and has risen to the top of the most prestigious television and entertainment world – Hollywood.
  1. Gina Rodriguez– Rodriguez has made Latinos proud by having the lead role of a TV series “Jane the Virgin”. Not since the success of the George Lopez show has there been another Hispanic in a lead role of a successful TV show. She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television series in 2015.
  1. Javier Bardem – Bardem joined the cast of the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie playing Captain Salazar. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters in May 2017. In 2016 his marriage to actress Penelope Cruz made news all over the world since they had kept their romance quiet.
  1. Eva Longoria – Although Longoria’s NBC sitcom “Telenovela” was cancelled, it did give an opportunity to several Hispanic actors to be featured in a television series. She had more success with her comedy “Devious Maids” on Lifetime which aired for three years up until August 2016.
  1. America Ferrera– Ferrera co-produces and stars in the hit NBC comedy “Superstore”. During the 2016 presidential elections she became a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton and even spoke at the Democratic national convention. She was vocal about sharing her dislike of Donald Trump specifically due to his demeaning speech towards Latinos and immigrants.
  1. William Levy – Levy was cast in a movie that was being filmed in the Dominican Republic “The Ghost of my Bride” in 2016 and we will be able to see him in the new “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” movie which will be released on January 27, 2017.
  1. Diego Luna – Luna had a leading role in the blockbuster movie “Rogue One” and he made Hispanics everywhere proud. In an interview he talked about the importance of diversity in Hollywood movies: There was a need for a ‘Star Wars’ film that talked about racial diversity, that has more to do with the world we live in.”
  1. Zoe Saldana– Saldana starred in the movie “Star Trek Beyond” where she once again played the role of Nyota Uhura. She ranks as one of the highest paid Latina actresses in Hollywood.
  1. Benicio del Toro – del Toro is currently working on the sequel of his hit movie “Sicario” which will be called “Soldado”. Perhaps what we will remember him most in 2016 in his TV commercial for Heineken where he is sitting in a restaurant and a couple recognizes him, or at least he thought they did because they say in excitement “It’s Antonio Banderas from the movies!” Certainly a very funny and memorable commercial.
  1. Edgar Ramirez – Ramirez starred in “Girl on the Train” and “Hand of Stone” and has a new movie that will be released in 2017 – “Gold”.


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